Lotus Meditation and Visions…


Once more about meditation in Lotus position… It may take several years even to master, anyway the spiritual power behind is great — as well as it is great from the beginning. Some  people say that pain does not belong to Yoga of body with its asanas, and there is some truth here behind, pain may break the concentration when you do not master Lotus completely yet, probably for some cases crossed legs are more preferable in the beginning — when you need to focus on certain object or on nothingness. But those who say this forget about another aspect here: overcoming of that pain, with right intention — generates and accumulates spiritual power what is known as Tapas. Accumulated Tapas as result of concentration and self-overcoming people use for manifestation of their dreams, this process brings spiritual merits. The merits may be used for observing joyful visions during lifetime, what some people call just “happy life”. Another possible target of the process is deliberation of Soul and overcoming of illnesses, aging, death and birth. Lotus Temple recommends generating of Tapas for living meaningful life for you as householder or hermit.

The visions… while meditating, we focus the mind and stop mental chatter (mostly), we may concentrate on certain objects or on nothing. The mind is not always easy to be tamed, so we observe much more of our thoughtforms and mind-images, much more of movements of the mind what is not calm. During meditation when we overcome the pain, we may experience even the storm of images what are not so wonderful for us to observe. Our filtered and unnoticed anger, pride, greed and deceitfulness become more visible, we observe our filtered and blocked wishes, sexual fantasies and desires what come above the surface… We learn to deal with them and continue to perfect the Mind. It is important here to remember that you are not your Mind, do not be afraid of visions and let them go, switch your focus back to where it was, what you consider for yourself as most important… Good luck, blessings to you.

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