Oblivion of Faith


Jumping between dimensions where time and space exist or not, Faith may become something what creates borders on your way. You probably have some guiding rules or precepts what you keep, here they may become the obstacles. Visiting certain dimensions, you do not cling to certain doctrine as it will become something what sets the limits at the places where you wish to go. Your own Faith’s limits may build a hell for your Soul, a cage. The highest Wisdom for the Soul is deliberative. Your own (?) Mind creates the world around, do not chop off your hands when you still need them (if so)… Oblivion of Faith, as all of the ways lead to the same place, as they say — is needed to leave clinging to the precepts themselves.

Oblivion of Faith opens for you possibility to experiment with perceived reality and create your own world. Precepts are important, you are welcome to continue keeping of them without their placing in the center of your own world. They are important especially in the beginning of your way, they may be training and look not important to be kept, be careful here. In the moment of Death of physical body, as they say — you will see the realities, according to your believes’ system. Teachings about the experience after Death are very similar inside of the groups of folks, often just the names of Deities differ. Immortality is possible, but we have free will to choose the way of reaching this condition or not. So, probably it’s better to be prepared for any of your possible futures, as Death may meet you every day of your life, on each corner. They say that another-side experience looks as your mind’s believes’ system in  action. The laws of Karma are much more difficult than equations in Maths… So, if Death of physical body suddenly happens to you, they say that you have a choice to stop watching of visions (of your life or lives) and rest in peace in a place where deliberated Souls do so. There are realms of Heaven and Hell as well where you can travel, according to your past deeds and many other factors… One of the most importance is your state of mind in the moment of Death of your physical body, so be better prepared, every day… Let some things remind you of Death if you are waiting for him/her to come… Some things around you, some rituals of your daily routine… Just be ready. That place — that one where you can truly rest without worries about your Soul’s future (as there is no time there) — they say you can return from there to have life experience once more, do not be afraid… Spiritual teachings tell us that much more you should beware of Hell and Heaven, as being in Heaven is not eternal and will end up in the world where suffering is common thing. Anyway, this all exists as long as it exists in your Mind. Oblivion of Faith prepares you to taking more control above the visions of your life. It is good when you keep the feeling of living as guest in your own body, as it is questionable even if it does belong to you truly. Ahimsa is non-violence to yourself as well. Our physical bodies may co-exist together with different lifeforms, as well as out-of-body experiences show us that we probably can not claim the body as something what belongs to us for real. Our right to commit suicide here is questionable.

It takes energy to maintain our physical bodies. Dharma of Nothing teaches you about Deliberation, about other ways of experience on that side or here. Well, there is no need to set the border in between, all our life experiences, visions and dreams etc. — they are visions of our Mind. We observe the visions what are so real or completely surreal, another known possibility is being there, where nothing exists. Observing things as deliberated Soul is that promised rest.

Take the precepts, what are your training rules, develop yourself into the direction of your dreams exactly… Overcome your own working system to experience Oblivion of Faith.

My blessings for those reading these writings. I do not tell something new, I am transmitter and nothing can be new where time does not exist. There are Spirits who are flying around, near — they are there, so they can tell you more. Thank you for reading of this chapter from Pure Dharma — we continue to explore others’ experiments as well as our own experience. We write the continuation… If we will disappear from this plane of existence, do not worry, nothing in this world can really belong to anyone, these writings as well. Beware of leaving Karmic connections on this planet… Best wishes, take care…

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