About herbs and spirits…

When people use entheogens, they call the Spirits to deal with — according to Taoist scriptures. People invite Spirits into their bodies, that ones who are hungry, so here the battle begins. When we take the power above them, we can use their abilities as well as their perception — and it’s how the fights with daemons look like. We can learn from them, as well as when they take control, we are possessed with their wishes, so they use our material body to fulfill their wishes. Some herbs, they say — may be teachers for us in Spirits-related things…

Smoking of certain herbs deliberates energies from chakras that can be used for different purposes. It changes the flexibility of energy field you are into with others. Some of activities become unpleasant, as well as some other become more involving you into, as well as you see new perspectives from old point of view and while performing the same actions. Shamanic purposes of this way are well-known.

Entheogens make the picture of your reality to lose rationality, so you can change the whole world from the inside. When mind is too solid to operate in some fields of perception, entheogens may help to erase the picture of old reality when you choose them as your way of exploration. Great helpers, they can be also dangerous when are misused or you are not prepared good enough.

Entities are always around, so we can invite them or ignore. We can be protected from their negative influences in that case if we are advanced in our practices or we just have good birth (incarnation) and are surrounded with good aura. Perceiving of entities can be enhanced with shamanic practices which are to be performed to get us into active trance state of mind, usable for communication with entities from this or another worlds.

A source, from where you get entheogens from, is important as much as the source of food what we do eat. The Art of energies’ feeling will help you with making decisions in this field. The growing of your own plants is a way for the Soul to learn and develop herself to the Divinity

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