Sacred drinks?


Good Coffee is powerful shamanic drink, which one opens chakras and our connection to each other. Well-prepared with Love, coffee is an instrument of Body Alchemy — it deals with energies and emotions as well. As any entheogen, coffee can be your friend or enemy — try to build relationship between you and coffee and you will learn something from Coffee Spirit. Bad coffee brings you into ignorance and selfish desires, while good one which you drink in right energy field with right intent, is truly noble divine drink. Recommended for shamans and writers…

Green Tea is an instrument of Body Alchemy, healing and energetic herb. While misused in wrong conditions, leads to ignorance and selfishness. To be used together with simple healthy food, for purification. Can be used on the skin of the face for cleansing and making us beautiful. If you cook your own bread, it’s nice to dip it into green tea a bit, it helps for your Body Alchemy to function properly as well. To be used against headache or when you feel bad for some reason. Helps on fasting. It’s possible to be combined with another entheogens for green tea to reach altered perception. Recommended for cleaning of your mind from burdens of low perception, to transform food quicker when it is needed. Can be your friend, as coffee.

Cacao is healing plant which leads to unbalance in energy system when is used too often. Can become addictive. Is used as sacred drink in rituals of traditional American cultures. Fast source of energy. Activates chakras’ feeling.

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