Direct insight on the way of no dogmas…


There is a story about Virupa, who lived in the monastery in the old times. He practiced mantras singing together with other forms of Diamond Way for years, but one day monks notice him drinking wine and eating doves. They were shocked so they proclaim that he is not pure enough to stay in the monastery anymore, he should leave. One monk asks him where he will go next, after long years of practicing the Wisdom of Noble One and losing of his miraculous insight. Virupa answered: “If you send me away, it has no any real meaning for you to know, where I will go, as I do not belong to this place anymore. But you, monks, should know one thing — I killed no birds for real.”

With these words he clicked his fingers, so the rests of his unholy meals turn again into beautiful birds… And he walked to the pond, and he walked upon the water — and the water was holding him on the surface while he was moving his legs, step by step… So, he crossed the pond and reached the other side.

One day Virupa visited tavern where he finds rice cakes as incredibly delicious. As monk became traveling Yogi, no money were with him — Virupa promises to woman who cares about things there that she will receive the money after the Sun will move the shadow of tavern’s building. Virupa starts to drink wine, so his feast lasts for days until the tavern became dry, as well as eighteen other taverns from the neighborhood become dry as well — all that wine was given to Virupa. The ruler of the land hears the story about Yogi who stopped the Sun itself, so he arrives to the tavern where pays huge bill — and Virupa disappears.

Another story tells us that once King noticed that Virupa ignores local customs and does not bow to the Shiva’s statue. He refuses with words: “Elder brother should not bow to younger one, it’s a sin.” The King proclaims that he takes the consequences for his “sin”, while laughing — but requests Yogi to bow. So Virupa did, when suddenly the thunder strikes and breaks Shiva’s statue into pieces. Shocked ruler requires Virupa to set Shiva’s statue back, what Virupa does, but puts stone image of Quan Yin (who is well-known as Bodhisattva of Compassion, in front. He told that if someone will try to remove the stone image of Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, the whole statue will turn back into ruins. Since that time local folks became the followers of Buddha’s Path.

Virupa travels through the lands, where he shows miracles and shares the vision of nature of things, with those who are looking for wisdom — and they learn from Virupa’s deeds that all parts of perception are empty as they exist in Mind, as well as existing in Samsara, being attached to certain social position is suffering and any constant forms and conclusions what Mind does take — they come from ignorance of not-knowing. From place to place he travels to awake the minds who are longing for vision of real nature of all phenomena, what are known to be the bubbles on the pond’s surface. Virupa transcends the matter and time as he finds his last calling in Samsara as catching souls into his nets and leading them from the ignorance of world’s existence to deliberation, to another coast of the pond.

They say, Virupa practiced in the monastery for twelve years, before he became that one who transcended the laws of material world and reached the level of purity what can not be lost, so he overcomes even the Precepts what he was keeping for years…

In Vajrayana tradition the ways to become the master of things so often are not of those what people usually expect from the Buddhist doctrines. We know about rituals around corpses, dead flesh, breaking of social taboos around sex, as well as Vajrayana as tantric Buddhist tradition includes such secret practices as using of entheogenic herbs for reaching deep vision and getting spiritual insight about their own and the world’s nature.

That kind of person Virupa was, so crooky and mind-blowing his teachings were… The most important thing of all doctrines is direct insight.

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