Detoxification is preparing of your physical body for existence in the state of Gnosis. Switching to higher fields may not happen immediately — you are welcome to help your temple-vehicle with transition to the higher levels of perception. Practices what we will talk about here come from different origins, otherwise we can say without any doubts — everywhere, where human (spiritual) being appears on Earth — in cultures what are result, a product of Creation — we may notice appearing of practices what have spiritual, shamanic nature as their mother. Healing, shamanism — together with spiritual quests that were taken by people from different classes (social groups) — discover and describe practices what heal and even possibly improve (after recovering) certain body functions. Sacred diets and fasting, avoidance of certain ingredients in food together with using of certain others — we experiment with these ways what are intended as leading us to longevity and (who knows?) Immortality…

Experiments and exploration of Ayurveda, Macrobiotic diet, Raw Food practices, liquidarianism, different kinds of fasting — healing and spiritual, as well as some other schools and traditions — create a map in our mind, with vectors of different doctrines from the center and in between of others; somewhere these vectors cross each other, at other places they create clouds ov worlds to experiment into…

When we talk about food and body cleansing, we point at that moment, where we start with switching to vegan nourishment, what for many of us may become one of key moments in life. Because of reasons that this step may bring not only health and bodily benefits and improvement — it is important transition on spiritual planes of existence as well. With taking of this step we free ourselves from karmic consequences of killing what are heavy and may be as much heavy as burdens on our own selves and our spiritual growth. Taking of these precepts (avoidance of eating flesh) is Yoga practice what cleans our perception on different levels — so it makes us more sensitive to that things what human folks call Divine and Sacred… For any kinds of psychick explorers and spiritual practitioners, we advice avoidance of flesh to be taken as your precept what leads to improvements in another practices what you perform on your ways and to improvements in your art, everyday and family life, etc.…

When we eat heavy and unhealthy things, toxic ingredients do not have enough time to be digested. Our body keeps some of them in joints and some other parts for “better future”. There are ways to start the process of cleansing from this old garbage — fastings and switching to lighter food. The next step here we talk about is presence of enzymes in our meals, as well as presence of vital energy (prana, Qi, ether…) in them, what usually depends one on another. When our meals still have enzymes inside, we can consider our food as still “alive”.

42 °C — that foggy line between life and death. When we heat vegetables, fruits and other food more than this, there are no enzymes inside anymore and the process of digestion becomes visibly more difficult and less effective. At the same time, this food is “dead” from now, and Cosmic Energy (prana) was lost inside of it. Our cells can not take it, what is sad — as Cosmic Energy may be more important for our existence than physical compounds of our meals. Switching to Raw Food teaches your body to eat more from vital energy, than from compounds and elements what we get from chemical digestion process. Eating of fruits with respect to seeds is less harmful practice to be carried by us from health and karmic point of view, as this way does not kill even plants. Gandhi practiced this way of living for five years, there are people who in our society are normally considered as “seniors” living on Raw Food, with young bodies and absence of any need to visit a doctor. In the beginning (or if you just do not want to go further) fruits are often combined with root and leaf vegetables, nuts and seeds (in form of sprouts) — always together with (not yet chosen as Raw or Raw already) spices, oils, sauces etc.. This way is rather good for body, as many of that spices have detoxification effects, they kill parasites and increase the speed of self-healing — as you know, the body is our best doctor.

So, with choosing of Raw Food we help our body as it has less work with digestion, now there is time for regeneration and there are some more capacities for the channels of Divine perception. While raw food is being digested, it takes away that accumulated toxins — you may feel it when you try some body movements, Yoga postures as Lotus position (padmasana) become easier for us to keep as joints are more clear now. Skin becomes to look young and healthy, some illnesses and allergies are forever gone — as body finally got the possibility to deal with them. Onion, garlic, chili pepperthey kill parasites inside and may help you a lot on this stage, after years of consuming of flesh, eggs and products of milk industry. You should feel surely better after some time of this treatment… Hot pepper and ginger have strong detoxification and healing effects as well. Wasabi may become your choice. These hot spices make your inner fire of digestion to burn bright, as well as to deal with illnesses and toxins quicker. Shifting to raw food way may shake you emotionally and affect your behavior. These hot spices may make your emotions and wishes go wild for some time, probably — if your prefer more peace and calmness to be present in you, you will decide to avoid them in future and “go pure” — as some people leave even salt in their quests for longevity and/or spiritual purposes. It is a way to avoid aging of body. Fruitarianism and drinking of water — the most pure form, as liquidarian nourishment only may require using of basti (yogic enema) or salt water flushes, what is probably not so “natural” form of treatment that our body was designed for.

This way of detoxification is a technique what is recommended by Lotus Temple for all who are looking for longevity, Immortality and spiritual enlightenment. After some time of detoxification we advice to switch from raw food days to the days of fasting, what are even more beneficial for your Souls and bodies. While doing this, you learn to live on Qi (prana) instead of “normal” physical nourishment, with time. It becomes possible to reduce amounts of eaten food and invest more money in its quality — so you may choose organic products, fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed raw oils, sun-dried raw spices and fruits… there are people who cook Raw Food variations of such things as pizza and hamburger. These days even Raw Food restaurants appear, with variety of meals in their menus. These things may help you on your way.

One thing what you may face, especially in the beginning, is — sickness and lack of energy. It is not really something to be afraid of, it is normal when your body still removes the toxins from itself and switches to the nourishment by Cosmic Energy. That days when you feel weak, try to add some sprouts or raw nuts (not all from the shop really are, be careful here) into your meals, it will give your strength back to you for that time what you need…

When you are “ill”, the same happens — toxins are flowing out through your blood system. Fasting increases the speed of healing process, but at certain moment there may be too much of toxins at once in blood system — so we “stop” self-healing a bit with food what is less lighter. As long as we continue on the way of self-healing, the body becomes more aware about things what it needs at the moment. You may suddenly feel a wish to eat certain berry as in reality it is your body who requires it to heal your tired eyes… and so on. It is about your life priorities here, that line where you stop with some rules about food, but reward here is truly priceless. We bless you on your way to the purity of Perception!


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