About re-treats and mountains…

Sometimes we feel it as calling from the inside – this tension to leave our comfort zone and move on, somewhere with no others around, where our typical patterns and reflections disappear in noble solitude. Questions appear in mind and it becomes easier to receive the answers – as well as just to let them go instead… What do you choose today? Defragmentation of Consciousness in non-thinking and sharp clear mountains’ air…

These days are special for that reason that they are connected to the fragment of Solar year when our current bodyform in this incarnation was manifested. In looking for Divine revelations and breaking of social burdens, we move to the mountains’ peaks this year… To spend the time in rest, meditation, creating and celebrating our existence… Questioning the past, having visions of variable futures what look blissful and bright. We have no doubts that we stay in the right groove, we go on in exploration and self-development on the way to Infinity, as well as we go on with sharing of our knowledge with those who are looking for the Truth… Großer Speikkogel becomes final peak on the plateau what is for us somehow sacred…

From Lotus Temple with Love and Blessings,


More photos here:



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