A story of travelings, paths, experiences of One Soul what is lost in between of all manifestations of created multiverses…


There is no time. There is no space.

Readers are illusionary hidden parts of One Soul, who is author — as well as author is manifested or summoned lifeform what collective unconsciousness of readers do create. The game is for nothing — from the beginning, with the first Sound — all is going on in your head only. You write all the books what you read, from the distance of touching the pages with your hand, one moment before turning the next one… and if you will dedicate several days to slow Vipassana way of observing the things around, you will see…

We are just guests in the multiverses, we bring our dreams as our purposes here. We are gifted in different fields, as well as usually couple of them prevail to be gifted back to One Soul, to the bodies of God — Manifestations of God’s Creation.

You are welcome to discover your own key points around your abilities. They represent that one big, real You — this part still remembers that “all is One & None”. My own Soul’s vectors grow around Spirituality and Art, what I connect to each other. Music (what for me is deeply ritualistic thing), Spirituality (what I prefer to call Shamanism — connection to the Spirits of Nature and merging together in One Soul), Writings and Pilgrimages — these things were real passions for me during life. Pillowbook and Pure Dharma live mostly in the dimensions of Writings and Shamanism. Pillowbook discovers different kinds of knowledge and may teach you in Shamanic field, as well as Pure Dharma talks about Cleansing, Raw Food and such topics what as practices create the kernel of Lotus Temple. Ahimsa, Nature, Three Treasures and Void…

Pilgrimbook discovers my traveler’s and spiritual journeys and experiences, it brings more connections to my personality in this flow — and I have nothing to hide here from you, dear reader, there is time to tell the stories and share the memories…

Pilgrimbook is intended as chronologically disorganised thing, with looks into the past, switching to the hottest last memories and even to the visions of the future. With Pilgrimbook we wish to bring into this world more understanding for those who were the closest and the most lovely ones for us, but did not understand and share our ways. To our and their shame or luck, our ways were separated in this moment, oh, these hot Summer days…

Pilgrimbook is open, bleeding-edge project, where we switch the focus of perception from past days to present ones and back, look into our childhood and dreams, our solitary and shared journeys, as well as we touch some of our experiences in other worlds. We begin to write this introduction during these homeless days, when we sleep on the grass and benches, play our jaw harp on the streets and sometimes even let ourselves to enjoy hot oily soup from Charity organizations “Hope”, “Salvation Army” here in Prague (Czechia) — lost somewhere in Europa. Night trams, underground — another our attractions — all of them leave impressions, we live here in sleep deprivated state of mind what is known as one of the ways to alter the reality…

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