Master meditates in the city.


Adept meditates alone in empty room with no sounds around, advanced adept meditates alone in the nature, master is able to meditate on market square in the city center.

These days — oh, they were so uncertain for me, but when we really can expect anything as granted? 23rd of May this year, in this western calendar system, was special moment for me. Starting with dissociative experience what showed me interactions between me and those who were my allies at that time, at that place — in Austrian base of Temple, what was lost for reasons that are not clear even now. With those people, that allies — Chemognosis was performed at 23rd day of May, ritual sounds were recorded and released as Chemognosis 23 — from there, from that state of mind, from that perception. This date was starting point of raw food re-treat for me, 巫蓮, what was lasting until 10th of July, the date of my appearing in this world in current incarnation. So, this re-treat was lasting 44 days — of raw food or/and liquidarian nourishment. I should say that I am Vegetarian 7 years, 6 of them — Vegan. And my experiences as raw foodist or fruitarian were not longer than about two months for now, I guess. Liquidarian re-treats were lasting up to one month. I also practice water (up to 4 days, I guess) and dry (5 days as top result) fasting. From these experiences, let me say — Lotus Temple promotes and propagates Fruitarian lifestyle as basement for other practices and development. Ahimsa, Three Treasures, Nature, Void — our Precepts to carry and follow. Life without food is possible as well as Immortality is!

After 44 days of self-exploration and looking for the truths of Multiverses, something happened — my allies sent me from Temple base to all four corners of the world — to do whatever I want. They say, we became too different to co-exist and they see their purposes far from Temple way. They blame me for radicalism and propaganda, but I swear to become more radical and to create more propaganda of the ways of living what I admire and what together create a kernel, the Heart of Lotus Temple.

Before that day of manifestation of my current incarnation, I visited the mountains, and this visit became my farewell to that land, what was so welcoming and kind to me during last and this years. I was at different places of the East and West, but Carinthia will always be in my heart. My allies — they prefer to hide their names from public — named me Jackal. They were my teachers and the base for Temple was great, after moving from Slovenian cell in refugee camp, where Lotus Temple was born.

44 days… Barefoot walking, meditation, creativity flow — Carinthia is beautiful land, perfect place for the base to be settled, I miss the mountains and the woods… Großer Speikkogel — the highest peak where I was, 2140 meters above the sea level, as I remember… 44 days of cleansing — I felt sick when visited city after it. The air… I should say that something was broken inside of me, after conflict with allies — it became so obvious that we just do not walk the same paths. I was running around in sleep deprivation, exploring the city and the streets that seemed to be like those in Texas, California — and other places of the world. I was too imbalanced emotionally to take photos… of my visions? The hill with nice views from — wonderful place in Štýrský Hrádec. The train back to Czech lands — these lands bring us power, we were settled here for the time that was long enough to let the roots grow deep into this ground, we feel it each time we return. Czechia will live forever in me. Bohemian Soul…

Last night I slept on the high hill in Vítkov park. Walking around alone with hemp backpack and sleeping bag what was gifted from one spiritual friend of mine — it is how Lotus Temple looks these days. After trying out Charity’s soups and Food Not Bombs Vegan meals, 巫蓮 moves back to fruits and salads — and, believe me, it feels better to eat raw and sleep outside with more pure body than to pay these money for the place in dorm with shower and wi-fi. I tell you Dharma Of Nothing, I teach you Dharma Of Homeless Fruitarian, I wish to teach all homeless in Prague to eat fruits and become living Buddhas! Aum.

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