Dharma 4 Homeless: Immortal Breatharian Army


Join Homeless Breatharian Army! They need no homes, they need no possessions. They convert householders to leave their burdens and wander alone like rhinoceroses! No families, no grains, no meaningless pleasures for Awaken Ones, as the Earth is bleeding and Old Gods are crying watching us craving for dirt!

This was my vision before I went to the South with enema in my hemp backpack in February, I have had visions of Varanasi, I have had visions of Maitreya! I burnt all my papers this winter, I walked away from householder’s life. As I left my parents when I was 20, I went away to see the world and to attain Enlightenment. I did not reach Varanasi, I left fruits on the table for my allies, but they did not forgive, did not understand. I ended up in refugee camp in Slovenia, after police took me with them near Croatian border. All my worldly activities and their karmic consequences were destroyed, erased — I cut off my hair in refugee camp, where Lotus Temple was created. Lotus Temple is my only reason of being here in the world of papers, visas and damned gold, I continue to stay here — to tell you Dharma Of Nothing! I call to arms, I call allies to proclaim us Immortal Breatharian Army, I am not saint here these days, you will meet me eating garbage sometimes. But I have seen, and I wonder alone, and all what does not kill us make us stronger!

Homeless, householders — eat fruits, eat Raw. You will not stink. You will lose ill dependence on your comfortable places! Walk barefoot! I am not Maitreya, who are? We all are, we all can be! Read Sutras, my brothers and sisters, Lotus Sutra is our Dharma Of Nothing! I do not levitate above Prague, I visit Job Department to avoid paying for my health insurance, maybe you will see me at job again. My moving back from the peak of the mountain — tactical step back, to return with less dependencies and join the Army Of Breatharian Immortals! I bless you, my friends, and Dharma Of Nothing is what I tell you! Resist, resist, resist, resist as river, not stone — Dharma Of Nothing is Tao! Stay true to Precepts, stay true to yourself! Stay bold! Do not be afraid of anyone — as it was said, Bodhisattvas will easily convert anyone, using the ways of applied meanings. Go Raw, my allies! Army Of Breatharian Immortals are my friends, if we dream the same — we are brothers and sisters! Dear Buddhas, hail to Eternity!

Try to sleep under the sky, try to play your musical instrument to get some coins for apples, avocados — even if you have savings, try! Walk the paths of sages, they are around — maybe you do not notice, believe me — your practices transcend the reality!

Dharma Of Nothing is what I tell you. I did read prophecies about Maitreya’s appearing after I have had visions of Varanasi, not before! Old books contain the truth! Propaganda is the only way not to forget, the only way to stay together! Blessings.

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