Blood on the streets of Prague


Just got €12 for 785 ml of my blood plasma, welcome to Eastern Europe guys 😀 Well, at least they did not recognize that I sleep in the park — so it means I do not stink too much still 😀 So I bought a lock with keys as it is required for my new job and you do not pay in canteen there, where you can get salad or veg lunch. But until Tuesday I eat in canteen for homeless. Huh, I hope they will not kick me out of that job (I’ve just started training there, well…). Please, buy my f*cking music, I wish to stay at dorm-hostel for two nights to wash my clothes with soap and sleep, as at night sometimes police wakes me up or watering system suddenly turns on and I become wet. And do not tell me what kinds of art are better, I do not give a f*ck as long as I returned to Babylon to fix my papers, and it seems I will work at some job for some months before it will be possible to go wild again.
Oh, I wish I have had a possibility to live without all this shit, money and papers, but there is police in this world and you never know if you will not end up in refugee camp again. It is still a problem for me to get fucking female papers, but it is in the process. Oh, I will write more about that story, about departments’ rejections of my applications and the court in Ústí — nothing helped for several years. But bastards will never stop me, I take my time to prepare new base from where I attack Babylon with my words, with my voice and music — I plan to re-release some of Vøid stuff — and you guys should know that Wu means Void and Shamaness, as well as Lian is correct Pinyin writing form of Vietnamese writing Liên, what I used to prefer in the past. Bitch is back! And now I am not afraid of the streets or something else, I never did sex for money in my life and never will do, better will die on the streets. Do not say that we, transgender folks, are privileged somehow — I met so much shit in my life that most of you only have seen in movies — I will tell you more stories about refugee camps and other shit, stay tuned to 巫蓮 radiowaves, read Pilgrimbook, subscribe to e-mail updates and if you have some coins to waste (what I do sometimes as well) — maybe you wish to support this struggle for life, I will bring you more stories and sounds.
You ask me — why I do not eat Prana? I think that last relationship damaged me, now I do no fastings for some time, I fight terrible emotions together with fighting for my life on the streets of Babylon, I am quitting experiments with psychoactive substances as well now with intention to replace them with fastings only, when I will return into the groove after things that dragged me down. I start life of “fellow citizen” from zero again, this time — in one of capitals in Eastern Europe, my beautiful smoggy Prague. Stay for your rights, smash banks and capitalism — I am guest in EU and I prepare my base from where I smash the global monster-state! Stay bold, brothers and sisters! Stay true, fight for your rights as long as you are still here in damned Mayan European Union! One day I will call you on the march to Benares, I call to you Buddhas! JAI!

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