Dharma’s Wheel is turning…


Now I have plastic box, which one I carry in my hemp backpack with second set of clothes and some other things inside. With this plastic box and baking soda I use water what I take for free ondastreets. Baking soda cleans the water and it is powerful substance what cleans dirt and removes bad smells — I use it last several years for these purposes. I try to avoid unnecessary using of electricity (not for money saving reasons even) and prefer to wash my stuff in some kind of bucket with baking soda last years, right. So you, who write me and make dating offers, think twice about it as I do not play minimalism and survivalism for internet audience, it is the core of mine.

With baking soda and plastic box — what I got with my blood spilled, literally — I wash my hair and my body, as well as I wash my clothes and since now I can avoid any stinking, what makes me happy these hot days. The only problem here is that summer ends and it will become just cold to live this kind of lifestyle, so I signed job contract to prepare myself for winter. Probably I should have that brandy sport clothes for Alps’ hiking, I discover in myself rising feelings towards survivalism and I will miss life onda streets… But I wish to return to it after and I still sleep in the square. As well as I need to work to replace this slow tablet together with my simple phone for some smartphone with solar charger, to become autonomous Pilgrim. I wish to spend more time in the mountains… The highest peak in Czech (Sněžka) is just about 1.603 meters, while Großer Speikkogel in Austrian Alps, where I was hiking this summer is 2.140 meters above the sea level… what makes me so sad… it is one of the reasons why I should change finally my papers to female, fix something around this damned paperwork and become more Walking Temple. All is possible, and my Breatharian Dream is ahead. Mountains…
I need this job for some time, right — I need autonomous equipment and perfect fruit diet to touch the Eternity… Dear readers, I hope to bring you more wonderful stories, oh — I have a lot of them untold, stay connected and be blessed ❤
Today I was standing at the bus station, charging my tablet, when Gypsy couple told me that only Czech can charge here, so I should let them do it instead. They were sure that I am male (half?)Vietnamese, while I guess they are not Czech even, but arrived from Slovakia, but who cares (: just funny story. As Wu Lian I should have fun from the situation and be pleased for looking like Vietnamese a bit — is it reflection of my passions in the outside world? It is funny, anyway… Stay tuned.

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