My Brochure “Breatharian Shamanism”, published by Lulu Press last year…


The Beginning

Hello. Thank you for your interest about the knowledge that I share with intention to give help and support for those who need it. If you are reading this now, probably you are chosen and you were guided through your life until this moment, when you touch the knowledge of ancient masters. If you do not feel it like calling from inside, please, leave this book and do not lose your time. If you are not sure about it, think twice. Not everyone will choose the red pill. Let me tell you my story… My name is Liên and now I stay in Prague, a capital city of Czech republic. The heart of Europe. Oh, I remember myself just dreaming of being here. But it is another story.

Interview to Betshy Paola Sanchez Marrugo (Creative Collective Synergy)

Q: Lien, how would you describe Breatharianism?

Breatharianism is food-free lifestyle. To be more concrete, it is a lifestyle which one makes you free from solid or liquid nourishment. There are no rules, a lot of people who achieved this freedom inside and re-programmed their minds and bodies to switch from solid and liquid food to the inner source of Light sometimes return to eating for social connection or just for their pleasure. I call Breatharianism this state, when you do not consume food or liquids or you consume just water (or probably tea without sugar) and you do not lose weight. If you are not yogi enough (in your mind), you can die in your attempts to reach this state, so you should be careful while transitioning to living on Light.

Q: What inspired you to become Breatharian?

Looking for the meaning of this life inspired me. Emptiness, craving for relationships, desperation and loneliness. That fact that I was too fragile to share joy with others in reality. Understanding of the fact that material world is just a prison and illusion, which one was constructed by us in order to get some kind of experience here while living as humans on this planet. I was looking for a red pill.

Q: What would be your advice for new people who take an interest in the topic?

Well, to begin with… I think that you should feel deep passion about it, otherwise better not to try even. Breatharianism is about your beliefs’ system, and your believes are the police of the mind, as Saul Williams says. You can believe that you lack vitamins and you will lose your hair while being vegetarian even. You can believe in medicine or any kind of diets and in your personal quantum reality it will exist. You create your own world every day with every thought and action. If you do not want, leave it for others, probably your personal mission on this planet doesn’t include Breatharian transition at all.

Q: What is the divinity of Breatharianism?

Rising of your mind, body and spirit. So-called supernatural abilities of increased intuition, limitless creative flow of ideas and their realizations. Perfect health, ability to control and manifest your body’s forms. Independence of the system of society. One day you will not need a home to live even, if you want so. No need to pay health insurance, taxes. Breatharianism is a possibility for global social changes, it is a beginning of the revolution on this planet, and we, as pioneers, bring it here to smash the global monster-state. Some of us are ascetic who prefer being alone into the process of exploring the dimensions of the Universe, but I personally welcome radical minds who want to crack the bank system, corrupted governments, destroy the education system as it exists today and stop the slavery of animals and humans from the moment of their birth on this planet.

The Process

Well… I do believe that human body needs nothing at all, as it comes from your beliefs — all your needs, food needs or any other. There are different ways that exist in this world that lead us to Breatharian living. There are a lot of middle-points, where you can stay in between. Why? The answer may be different for different people. Maybe you do not want to be so detached from pleasures, maybe you want just to be on the same wave with your family members or friends. Think twice, the process may require you to leave some of attachments. Too radical? Ascetic life gives you more, than takes away, as the time is short here. We do not notice how much we are possessed with demonic energies while living in Western world. Sometime we meet things that bring radical changes into our lives… Walden, by Henry David Thoreau is a book which inspired me to become vegetarian and go further. It’s nice reminder about good things, one of my favourite books… Thoreau’s experiment shows us how creating takes the victory above human animal’s nature.

My current and past food habits

While practicing Living on Light, my “best” achieved results for now were:

— 5 days without food and water;
— 1 month of liquidarian living (repeated).

Started about the year 2010 with becoming vegetarian step-by-step, later vegan and now going further in experiments… This knowledge is too important to be hidden, so I just can not allow myself to keep silence as this world is dangerous place.

Why don’t you live on Light 24/7 now?

About non-eating re-treats — as I have seen, I am not ready yet to convert completely if I wish so, but the Ritual Flow is great tool from time to time to quit the laziness etc. and to remember good things for me. Anyway, as I know from the past years and re-treats, the best time for the most radical attempts is summer, as well it harmonizes your body’s temperature… so for now I eat more “normal”, but vegan. Another important thing is that first days of re-treats probably it is better to be careful with communication, because until the body will switch to Chi/Prana/Vital force inside, in the air, from the creative process, love, pleasures etc. 100%, it can try to take it from the beings around – so you will provoke others to conflict unconsciously in supermarket etc., it happens not always, but we, psychonauts, should keep it in mind.

For lovers of conspiracy theories…

In my last non-eating re-treat and after I got the revelation that they really do not need us for producing goods or extra money, but to eat our emotions and feelings to feed their egregors, this is a way they use us, and they keep us working as slaves for this only reason. Moreover, they teach us to hate and hurt each other to reach the same goal.


Shampoo: There was a time about one year in my life, I guess, when I did not use it at all, while being vegan fruitarian/macrobiotic, I faced no serious problems because of this reason. Later it was something like 1-2 times per week, and then no shampoo again… when I eat fat food, it feels as dirty, when I switch to fasting or lighter food, it is enough to use just hot water. Organic (not all of them really are as you know) shampoos are good. Well, the best advice is: put on your body (as shampoo, cosmetics etc.) only those things that you will dare to eat. I do not pretend that I am Holy Mary or perfect or something, it’s just one of that things that are usable to improve your life, mood and the flow of your vital energy…

Toothpaste: now I use soda, but not every day. If you eat heavy food or you just do it in unhealthy way, your body will let you know that something is not totally ok with bad smell – so it is a sign to change something. When you help your body, your body helps you. It’s about the balance between the pleasures and divinity, if you will let me call it this way (:

Ritual Flow

Ritual Flow is a name for the process which one I prefer, as the process itself is sacred. It involves both sides of you — material and spiritual. When you are prepared and clean inside, divine energy begins to manifest itself through your thoughts and actions, you switch yourself to the state of awakening. It is a way to execute your life’s special plan, a way to touch the divinity. Breatharian Flow, is it short or long, brings you above the dimension of matter. Creative ideas of any kind become close enough, so you need no time to think about or plan something. The body requires less time to sleep, to carry about. You see and understand more things around, your vision is clear. Ritual Flow is a way to manifest all your dreams, to transform your collected energies into the forms that are visible to other dreamers. It’s a secret of Creators. All your creations should be manifested with right intention, otherwise they will have no power. In Ritual Flow you achieve the state, when even the possibilities to alter time and matter are open to you. Some people say that Spirituality is not about your nutrition, but I say that your body’s alchemy is one of the ways to Spirituality. How deep you go — it is a question to you…

Why the main part of this book is so small?

I do not want to bring you too much clouds, I wish to burn the fire. There are so many points of view and ways around — do not get yourself lost. I recommend transitioning to vegetarian/vegan/macrobiotic/liquidarian lifestyle before, and things will become easier. I recommend to clean your body inside with water if you go longer than 3-7 days. When you feel you are not ready yet, have not enough energy, lose weight etc., go back to more healthy food, and then repeat. To Infinity!

Spiritual Revolution

Spiritual Revolution is a concept of Awakening from the inside, bloodless and victimless. I have no sympathy for the existing world order, but I do not propagate the war or violence. When there is no dog-eats-dog mentality in our hearts, it does not really matter who rules the states or print the money. My utopian dream is Spiritual Anarchy here in Europe and everywhere when groups of people choose it for them as their destiny.


This book does not propagate death or suicide. Please, be careful and follow your heart’s calling. As you see, I am not fanatic and I do not try to make someone. My blessings and best wishes to you. Let me finish here, my friends. I am just musician and shamaness, my future intentions are to bring you more messages with my art, music and poetry. Aum!

About me

My name is Liên Vøid. I am experimental musician and artist, transgender noise shamaness and psychedelic traveler. It’s all about ambient, atmospheric, đàn môi, ethnic, experimental, field recordings, post-industrial, jaw harp, noise, psychedelic, ritual, schizophrenic, shamanic, space, traditional Japanese and Vietnamese instruments, trance, transgender, tribal…

“From town to town, from heart to heart all over the Europe I traveled, but nothing was that I’ve found for me. Everything, everyone around looks empty, my pure love is spreading out to nowhere, it’s for you, all of you. I feel silence, I love moon. So much, so schizophrenic…”

“When people ask me what all my music is really about, genre and things… the short answer is: it’s my Ritual Flow.”

ॐ Influences:
— liquidarian, macrobiotic, raw food & vegan lifestyles – entheogens, meditation, shamanism, Tao, Zen etc.

ॐ Instruments:
— đàn môi, field recording, ritual instruments, voices
— Ardour, Ubuntu Linux, software synths & effects etc.
— LXR Drum Synthesizer, MIDI keyboard

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