Prague Pride and Dreams of Communes!


Summer brings hot festival to Prague, an event what’s purpose is to call for equality between binary and genderqueer folks, to avoid discrimination and get our human rights back. A lot has been done in this field, with support from governmental projects from United States and European Union, but in reality queer folks struggle here, especially in Eastern Europe. Many binary people do not understand that festival is not about sexual orgies, but about crimes towards us, queer folks, about our rights in society’s structures as educational system, working places, etc..

Lotus Temple stays for alternative systems and organizations. We may understand, that together we are not weak, there are ways to create communes where everyone will do whatever s/he recognizes as their real purpose on this planet. Together people may become economically independent from damned system school-job-cemetary! Lotus Temple calls to allies for creating places where spiritual practitioners should not think anymore, where to find money to pay for health insurance etc.! We are looking for allies who share our worldview and values, who respect the Precepts and dream Breatharian dream together with us! We need help and if not you, we will build the future with our hands. For me it is painful when in reality there no dreamers we dream together with, I (Wu Lian) was rejected by my parents years ago and those who were near as our friends — life is struggle and through all this struggle I bring with me my believes, I will promote and propagate Temple values, Precepts and Dreams, I am calling to those who share them for creating physical place on this Earth for Temple and practices. I go on alone here, you may help. Viva la Revolution!

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