Who is your Sangha today? Once more about spiritual teaching…


One more night shift… oh, I mentioned it already, but will say it again — wherever you are, people around are your Sangha. Practice with them as much as you can, as much as you are not afraid of. It is true spiritual teaching, do not think about goals or if they will take your words seriously or not.
I work with different people, we are outsourcing repair service for satellite boxes and other electronic devices of certain loud brands. There is pretty large group of workers from Philippines here who fluently speak English. At lunch time I eat my vegetarian lunch, maybe even pretending that it is more yummy than it really is, what makes some of people around curious, as they may choose the same to try. Oh, I do not expect from them preparing raw vegan meals for me, as well as these days I eat more grounded than usually, because of the reasons what I did talk about in previous chapters. And Pilgrimbook is not my own Breatharian Bible, what will be written one day, I hope. But — no empty words with no long practice! Things what I am talking about are something what I faced and tried on my own, long enough in time to teach them, I am talking about something what was proved in realities of Multiverses.
When I was sitting in our bus for workers, I did choose people to sit together with, I have had feeling that they can be probably interested into Spirituality and Divine. I took my white tablet with Pillowbook opened and started to read, with hunger in process. Who knows, maybe it will leave something in their hearts — no, they do not know about me and Lotus Temple dreams, that Pillowbook was written by me… Returning to the subject — before working day and in lunch break, I meditate in Lotus not so far from a place for smoking outside, I turn my palms as well, I watch the sun. These practices make people think about Spirituality and Yoga for certain time, at least. It is not wasting of time or something — if you still are dependent on regular job or, as in my case, you came to the world of Maya’s delusions for some reasons — you can do the same. Do not be afraid, be more powerful than laughter or ignoring from those who surround you. You bring the Light what you keep in your heart, and if it is your life’s purpose, you see no reason to live for anything else. Jesus died on the cross for this Light, bring this Light to the streets! Tell people Dharma Of Nothing, it does not matter if they love or hate you — tell Dharma Of Nothing to homeless, to workers, to police, teachers and professors, doctors and just those you meet on the streets!
Truly I say, all phenomena and Dharmas are empty in their essence! The only reason of being here in Maya is — to tell people Dharma Of Nothing! Immeasurable number of the ways you can teach people exist, do not be afraid, it is your own creativity and Lotus Temple desires to see you as living Bodhisattvas in radiant bright Light of Samadhi! Blessings to you, dear friends! We teach and we teach with using of applied meanings, sometimes we pretend that we are more “human” than we really are, all is going on for reaching of certain goal, not for the sinking into material pleasures! Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are around, they will notice that Light what you bring and they will protect and guide you, will take care about you, all the doors will be open for you on your ways and your paths! Go on and embrace your Destiny. Much Love from Lotus Temple, dear friends! Spread Love around for free, bless all who you meet on your ways with making no differences between them! Love is Light!

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