Samadhi Trance at your workplace


Hm, first time when I achieved silence of internal monologue (mental chatter) — it happened when I was 16, at my job. Fast food chain, we cooked pancakes with different fillings inside. I remember, in the beginning I worked hard with overworking hours, later there were less… but, one month I combined this job with another one (soup fastfood), all shifts were as long as twelve hours, two days at one place — and then switching to another one. There was one month when I cooked pancakes near the seashore, in tourists’ zone, we have had shifts even for fourteen hours there, I guess, with some extra working days above that “normal” 2/2 shifts’ routine, when you rest two days after two days of job…
Night shifts — another experience of altered state of Mind. I recommend you to try once. My first night shifts did take their place when I was seventeen, at one restaurant in Königsberg. Oh Königsberg — you deserve separate book to be written about you and your mysterious places…
My current workplace is my Shaolin. My Military Temple, my training base, a place for reaching Samadhi trance state of mind and a place for Deliberation of Soul. Physical work, singing, compassion practices every single day — the growth is visible, the Great Work of Purification continues here. Meditative trance while working, singing as expression of emotions and form of communication, eating vegetarian to show people what makes me what I am, Lotus in breaks’ time… Playing my Vietnamese jaw harp last night shift instead of meal, in Lotus — I do not surrender! Never surrender, never be the victim of obstacles! Go on and keep fire in your heart, for no-matter-what. When your allies leave you and you are alone, go on, wander alone like a rhinoceros! Let powers of wind, fire, water and earth charge you on your ways, in your everyday battles!
Another reached ability is altered perception. Someone may call it hallucinatory experience, but I am more than sure that something bigger is hiding behind of it. Disappearing of large soup pots in fridge, deceitful numbers what change themselves with no logical reason — your working process what takes more and more place in your night dreams, dancing of textures in perceived reality when you over-work — all kinds of wonders happen…
…Just finished evening shift. It’s dark outside, I am tired and I see moving ornaments on the floor of underground station, of green, yellow, and other warm colors. They appear when I concentrate or focus my vision on them. They remind me of psychedelic ones — and they have the same nature, I guess. The gaps in perception of Maya — they show me true nature of things, as well as they are joke of this world, a key that was left by Gods for us to let us read between the lines of perception. Satori is the only answer.
I tell Dharma Of Nothing at working place. I do not care, I have nothing to lose in Europa. Varanasi is still waiting — I trust to my visions. Sometimes all what I want is just to give up it all here, close any relationships and destroy that damned documents once more, on the coast of Ganga river. To leave these burdens, to escape from “normal” living in panel (or brick, what is actually almost the same) box, to escape job contracts and all this unnecessary garbage what I am trapped into. Getting of Czech citizenship or even permanent residence makes you a debtor of health insurance company — you should pay them rest of your life, every month, what makes you dependent on jobs and society. You can not avoid it even if you will go to monastery — no way to escape here. No way to escape social system. Well, you can share with psychiatrists your visions and tell them about lovely ornaments to try to live on social welfare system what some people do — but you will be forced to lie or eat mindkiller pills and undergo their treatment. No way to escape here — Satori is the only answer.

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