That paths what lead us through the woods.


When I was about ten years old, I discovered for myself (or just remembered — as we know everything and access any sources of information through our Inner Eye and Ears) northern Runes. Sacred symbols what shamans (northern shamanism is known as Seiðr) carved on wood, stones, their own and others’ bodies — they keep and pass powers and energies of the elements. Paganism left deep impression in my Soul, runes are my helpers and they guide me until now in certain situations — as I still walk my paths not only through the woods. Meditation with concentration on your Third Eye together with summoning of Violet Light to guide you, creating Lotus Flower as your own protection shield — powerful direct techniques, but I — Wu Lian (巫蓮) — am here not to build new hierarchies of teachings (as some masters do), I am open and Lotus Temple welcomes any kinds of explorers. Runes — oh, they were my first steps through the woods. I have had my own rune sets and talismans — now I left them behind to become empty glass again, to take more from another teachings, another ways. But — hail to Odin, Thor and Freya! Hail to Glory of Valhalla and Valkyries! Hail to all Nine worlds!
During my school years I was digging into Japanese culture as well — literature, at first — together with different traditions of European paganism. Well, to be more accurate and honest about it — all these ways, all these traditions are one, indeed. I was exploring everything — from open-minded hippies’ new age teachings to radical revolutionary right-wing ways. Yes, I was inspired with different things and Pilgrimbook is my confession — but I did not kill people or commit other crimes around it. Some of that books what I did read — they are forbidden in Russia now, but that is my past, not present. And if I was interested in some cultures more than in other ones — that bare fact does not make me Nazi. What about my political views — I call them Spiritual Anarchy. I propagate Spiritual Anarchy here in Europa and worldwide.
I was inspired with certain Native Americans’ ways as well — through that wonderful books written by Carlos Castaneda, Don Miguel Ruiz… I did read a bit about African ways too, this southern Seiðr. Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche left deep impression on me as well — I did read almost all that was published. Also sprach Zarathustra — oh, that diamond from highest peaks, it’s so icy cold — as much as Antarctic breeze. Another treasure that I should mention here is Walden by Henry David Thoreau. This book exactly inspired me to become vegetarian and go further, to live this life as solitary journey and to learn to take from this solitude something really beautiful what that kind of life offers. Truly they say, into the lands of ghosts we all shall go one day, but who knows, who knows…
I was sad that so many people around do not share my passions at all. For me there were some people in life who introduced me to certain traditions, really not too much of them. So many ways… I was partner and disciple (well, it was teaching and discovering for us in both directions) of one man, who explored Shiva’s and Krishna’s paths, what left knowledge into my memory — Ayurveda, Bhagavad Gita etc. — further diamonds on my paths through the woods. I was partner and disciple (both directions’ teaching again here) of two women who introduced me to Western esoteric tradition and Aleister Crowley, what deeply impressed me. My father — it was that cold relationship between us — practiced Zen Buddhism and Dhyana Meditation, he told me once about Inner Eye as well, but not too much. We almost did not discuss Spirituality, but he probably teached me Zen through different forms of our interaction. He was into his own solitary journey what I was unable to understand, to comprehend… As well as he did not understand my ways.
Well, let’s end the description of paths what lead us through the woods, my chosen ways — I will return to them in writings later.

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