He arrived in the morning and was waiting for me near main entrance. Me — I was a bit nervous, but I expected and hoped that we’ll meet each other one day, it was in my head in Austrian mountains already. This person who impressed me, who is living example for me to learn from, H. from that so far away located country — visited me in psychiatric clinic for Bodhisattvas. We started to talk outside and took a walk around local places — trees, farm, meadow — the ground was covered with brownish-yellow autumn leaves what added calm disappearing tones to that Fall’s atmosphere around us. Different natures, we were exploring each other — it’s a shame for me to be on antipsychotic pills when guest arrives, but what can I do… hm… hope it did not ruin the day for us too much.
We showed our arts to each other, and what can I say — sometimes it’s better not to talk about miracles openly and I was not alone, so I guess that it’s better to mention them just, but not to describe.
Yes, I have seen — the matter was changed by H., and he have seen my past. He have seen my past and talked about things guessing what was real from his visions, and I was afraid and even did hide some “coincidences” (what were not coincidences at all) from him and his sight. Oh, I am spiritual practitioner but I do not use Third Eye too often to see and do not have enough experience, I talk about myself that I accumulate “Gong” instead, who knows for what… Arts of H. are high-grade and perfect in their manifestations. We differ from each other in some aspects, but I should say that my visitor deserves respect from me as well as it was mistake to discover one another when I was on meds and cooked food as it was possible to see and experience much more from this meeting of our minds… nothing bad to say, miracles I have seen and I say thank you, dear magician, thank you for this day and these impressions — I see and remember your face and this Autumn is wonderful, sometimes it feels better to interact distantly or keep images of people in heart than to break graceful connections and friendships with everyday’s imperfections… who knows. You left me, we talked about dreams and our visions of future — and you left me with shame for myself — maybe one day I’ll visit your country and meet you once more when winds will be more luck bringing, thank you so much for your appearing in my solitude and good luck on your ways… Sayonara, deities of European lands bless you together with me.

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