Returning back to Königsberg…


Well… I am here. In Königsberg — my hometown. Processing memories and feelings, falling down to rise again one day. It feels sometimes that I desperately need someone to walk on the paths less traveled together. Life in society is still hard and drags me down. There are some things to fix here with my papers, I hope to visit certain special places as well, sacred ones. I forgive my relatives. I lack understanding of my dreams from others, I lack support. I want others to know real me, my paths and ways… I see that this state seems to be more totalitarian than it was 6 years ago and it makes me sad. I do not know what to expect from future. But I have dreams and I try to live this way as I do. I am sad about local politicians and it’s all about dirt in politics here anyway. I am sad. It is hard to lose close people. It was hard to live until today after they made me to leave Austria. Oh Gods, why they did not understand… Well, we choose Königsberg as place to be healed. Later — I will move on, probably. My love, let my love rise in my heart once more. The world is cold but we stay alive still. Blessings to all folks, eternal blessings… Winter Solstice is a moment of true New Year for me as it was last years. I wish you all the best in that days to come. I love you, dear living beings ❤

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  1. Going a long way from home can be tortuous. You are still here, and look to be thriving! Happy 2018, Wu Lian!!

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    1. Thank you so much… Blessings, lots of Love ❤

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