Society digested my friends, my old friends.

Everyone, everyone around — they are dead, half-dead inside.

They lost their dreams.

In a moment when a person loses person’s dreams — it’s the end.

It’s the end of their life as nothing is ahead of them.

They bury themselves — to live this life of society standards.

This false life… to leave their dreams behind and forget about anything good they ever wanted.

They… they walk around but I see nothing behind their eyes.

Nothing, nothing there. Nothing at all.

Their souls died already, it seems they just walk around as living ghosts…

And if my soul will ever die like this — as someone said — please, just kill me.

Kill me.

I do not want to have life like this — never. For me — never.

It’s not my choice.

So, if my soul will ever die like their souls what are around me — please, just kill me.

Leave me, leave me dead.

Live my… my body dead as it does not deserve to live in this case. No more.

There is no reason to meet so much people that were near as society digested them.

Digested their dreams and all they have a dream about — all is lost.

Somewhere. Somewhere!

I have no ideas what they live for.

It looks like they… they choose to die already.

But for me — no, never.

I would rather die in this body but will not leave my dreams behind.

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