Oh that days in Twangste!


One Sunday morning I woke up on dacha near the seashore of Baltic lands, not so far from Twangste place. It was one of that mornings here while I was staying on the coast for healing purposes and some paperwork reasons.

So, now I got Lian Wu name officially in birth certificate documents. I’ve already applied for new ID as well, so just waiting mostly. Samsara deals take away attention from spiritual practices, anyway I continue on the road acting in that possible now ways to reach certain targets. Reseting my mind in psychedelic explorations, expression of unprocessed feelings out — oh, sometimes it may be even painful, but such cleansing is needed indeed. When one has plenty of connections — bonds to material world of illusions and impermanent joys, some of negative experiments have a habit to be accumulated in unconsciousness what keeps them deeply suppressed. When our being meets with divine states of mind, they let the negative to go out — so deep cleansing of perception is so blissful as well as post-therapy state of mind. Since our birth we accumulate destructive patterns of behavior — from our own relatives, school — plenties of destructive patterns and negative thoughts are planted in our mind and all these dots are the obstacles on the way to our Enlightenment as Souls. The borders on the road to become Great, self-sufficient free beings what create not for the purposes of survival but they just freely express their intentions — so this way they art. When negative patterns are wiped out of our mind, our creativity becomes a flow what is completely free from internal self-judgement. This is a way how we can create multiverses from the scratch.

Processing of that feelings what exist in the field of relationships with my parents and old friends. Trying out how strong this so-called “reality” really is. Tripping with every single step and movement, never pause exploration of external and internal multiverses. I see my old friends around that are deeply trapped in the labyrinths of Samsara. As long as it is possible I show folks what I meet some of the ways to Perfection. I have no community or something in third-dimensional life nowadays, anyway I explore and learn from different sources — so I love to share wisdoms with you, all that paths less travelled what I walk and practice on the ways of spiritual exploration.

The winter was cold. I am happy my relatives provided me shelter for recovering and creative work. I was happy to re-release some of that recordings finally as Lotus Temple Records — so wonderful soundworks — Vøid heritage was not just lost for nothing. There are days of water fasting as well as liquid/juices days for me, raw days — but you see for now I am still not completely raw. Anyway, I have kinda special plan of achieving this point again. We will see. There are no mistakes on your way, never. Do not cling to solid targets when it is needed to have them flexible. There is no fault, just learning of being yourself. Hiking for longer distances (up to 33 kilometers here) helps me a lot with healing process, so it is getting back to that peak in life what was in last year, 2017. Summer Solstice is not so far away from us, let all folks celebrate in love.

Well, to be honest I was depressed in the beginning of this part of life in Twangste, now things turned better. I wish happiness for all of you, guys. Much love from Lotus Temple!

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