Queer is Infinity


Logic is lie. Never stop madness. Queer is Infinity. They give lands for free there in the East. Should we take some? I play life. No one wins and no one loses.

It’s good actually that I am here. One of my dreams to become reality, finally. Yes, I lost something in Europe — as well as I lost my Love inside. Anyway, even through this depression I made great steps in life — I finally changed my ID. I met my old friends and some new people. Trapped in society, they look like they miss dreams or real passions. Or maybe it’s just my first impression? I do not know.

One old friend of mine — E. — suddenly met me on my way back home with new ID in my bag. He is pagan heart, he was all the time I remember him — so since that time when we were about 14 years old. We learned from each other — he was that one who did bring wonderful world of Northern Gods to me. Yep, actually it is queer world — to be honest. My friend is shaman, but he is not so open about it — oh, I wish to learn from him again. We burned fires and tried swords — he was really deep into it for certain time. We celebrated Solstices and Equinoxes together, spent dark times in the forest alone, shared wonderful books and music to each other… He is great generous person and all the time I remember him he helped to other people around in need. Our ways were separated for reasons, but later we met each other again. Oh yes, it is my problem — sometimes I feel that tension inside to cut out of my life everyone as things are done between us, then I have regrets. Actually, I always have. I want to say “sorry” to all great minds I lost somewhere on my roads. I love them, and I love my friend E.. Oh, I wish him to become really great person in this life, I wish him to do something more than that job in car service. Just as he deserves more. This world is full of miracles, my life is about journeys — I love you, dear E.. I love journeys, real people and real passions. Auja!

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