Sleepless night and tick-tock noises


One night I spent here laying on the floor in my lovely sleeping bag that once I got from one American spiritual friend of mine. I am still inside, actually. 4:04 AM — I take a look at Handy… strange night.

Last day I did Cola zero to experience that psychosis-like state of mind again — but you know, where drowns schizophrenic person — visionary master swims freely, they say. Damn it, am I falling asleep?

09:03 AM — waking up here. Yes, I did.

Another day… still waking up here? Well, I was into that Liquidarian re-treat and cleansing during last days. This way I fly up to the Stars, but so desperately alone. Oh I wish to live near my Queer (Raw) Vegan Sangha to be perfect. I do not want to play all these society games I am tired of. I do not need position in the hierarchy of enslavement. I need to continue on my way.

We rise and fall last years, but still go on. Everyone deserves to be a person they want to be. Non-binary awareness day — I am curious how many people just know about it? People here are so brainwashed. I was brainwashed by liberals in the West but here it is much worse. They all protect nothing but wage slavery here or there. Another problem is — none of so-called or self-proclaimed “communist” states was really good. All people were forced to work their 40-hours working weeks, or even more. Here I stay for liberal values, for Democrats in the United States — but they all serve to capital, not their people. So sad. But in the West it is much better than here in Russia for minorities etc..

People here are so brainwashed that they reject their own family members for being not “normal”. But state wants us just to produce more goods and money, nothing more.

Huh. Incenses. Holy smoke. I wash my mind to remember who I am. Still doing some paperwork here with hopes to finish this creative circle and move further. This city is too small for both of me, huh.

By the way, I start to offer shamanic guidance to people. The time has come. I received next part of knowledge from wise people during Global Shamanic Summit 2018 — but I practice since I was 10 years old. I just know that is my thing, as well as I collected enough experience on my journeys to share with someone. I offer free healing advice, fasting teaching, dealing with any kinds of obstacles to begin with, especially I am so happy to bring Love to struggling Queer people… I may teach you about Vegan lifestyle as well. I may organize re-treat or ceremony here to stay alone while Raw or fasting to deal with your troubles. I accept donations.

Believe me, you are lovely and important! 🥑

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