Let Them Pay!


Yes, I was through it. Risperidone, psychosis, ornaments lovely. Walking through the fields, canteen in mental hospital, art therapy. Not like it was in medieval ages, right? Not at all. Much better and friendly. Yes, today European institutions must try to respect you — even if not everywhere. They even have nutrition therapist and provided Vegan food without gluten for me.

But the system itself? Dead, oppressive tool what is known widely for it’s political applied using. A part in their brainwashing machine. A tool to integrate you into the system of wage slavery. Good guys in white robes who will explain you that your problem is refusing to follow that rituals invented by ruling elite.

Modern days — oh, you just never have time to notice that you play games created by capitalist rulers… Every day since that moment of your awakening — you stand up from you bed to consume. And after all — you work hard in that system of wage slavery to pay for that joys what you really do not need maybe. As giant brainwashing machine makes you think that you must be normal or mentally ill. They have long lists with signs of so-called mental illnesses and they are actually those who define if you are valid or not. They will judge you — hey why we need to talk about it when you may take a look yourself at signs from that list… so you are not interested too much into sex or pleasures? Solitary lifestyle? You do not conform? Magical thinking? Spiritual practices or believes live in your head? Experimenting with psychoactive substances? What are these signs of?

These are signs that you just think too much, dear. That are signs of schizophrenia from their lists. You are that one who dares to think. They did not kill you in school, you survived their tortures and heavy brainwashing. So there are certain chances that you will create your own game — commune, organization, state. They are afraid so much about the only idea that you may take away slice of their bloody pie. No, nowadays they seem to look liberal. But they still put thought into your brain — you must work or you are not normal. Work for nothing, for their taxes and profits mostly. They use old school manipulative techniques and shaming. If they know they will not brainwash you into slavery of commercial structures, you will use your example to make their own children live in fear. In fear of non-conforming.

There will be one day when mental health institutions will pay for all their crimes.

Did they help me? Yes they did talk to me when no one was there. Nowadays you can discuss plenty of things with psychiatrist — even your using of psychoactive substances, alternative ways of lifestyle and relationships. But for real, what do we have? Why someone in white robe is wiser than you — as they want to make you think — and has authority above others? For that books what you can read as well? They change standards of their “care” so radically every 10-20 years so it leads us to conclusion that probably their authority is just fake as shit. Circus, show, stupid games.

Oppression institutions are shame for Europe and all the world. Nothing changes on this planet — rulers, their puppets and games. We just get new names for the same processes of our cultural and political oppression. Every several years we get new names for political institutions, educational system’s elements etc.. But nothing changes. We have a planet full of children who play games of others for billions of profits for ruling elite.

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