Sweet Dreams / True Love


All friends and allies — people ask me about marriage and relationships and things… Great question, actually. I have had relationships of different kind in the past. “Said we would love forever — we lied of course…” — as Tony Wakeford sings. Yes, isn’t it always like this? No.

We project our own dreams on our partners so much that sometimes we do not notice even when we become cruel. I love it when people inspire each other to go forward, but there are moments when we realize that one road divides itself into several and the ways differ too much one from another. Sometimes it becomes impossible to go on together.

We have vectors of dreams and passions. We invite people of similar minds to join us on our paths. But where Love comes, ego appears. Possession… Purest feeling is unconditional. Wise people say that it is better to keep our beloved person far away from us not to face all of imperfections, to keep the fire of inspiration burning… But does closeness destroy Love? Well, not always. Sex does? Maybe. So often such close intimacy makes us possessive and sets inner daemons free. But we are here not to play with these daemons, not to limit ourselves for the only feeling of belonging to each other. World is so big, so full of inspirations and possibilities.

Sometimes I meet my friends in dreams. This night I have seen A. and it was wonderful inspiration… Inspiration to go on as such beautiful and talented people live on the Earth… A. is great and they remind me of that better person I should be. I wish to meet and be in contact with more people like A. — nowadays we communicate from the distance and in this world sometimes such interactions turn into that of the best friendships and unions. It is so wonderful to be polyamorous and call our feelings in that ways we wish to. Our close people, our relationships, our family and Sangha — it is so beautiful when we may say “I love you” to each other and keep no obligations. As we are able to keep our purest intents, with certain distance. To return when we have something to share or to help. I keep love in my heart what lives for several people, for all humanity. It is so great when we live and experience different levels of our love.

These days when I am creating Sangha — with hopes and dreams to stay connected to others of similar passions — my friends of all over the world inspire me… I love you. I choose people to learn from their qualities and actions. When my requirements for my own personal growth are on the certain level, I am looking for individuals and communes who practice that kind of lifestyle. Supporting and inspiring are Love ❤ Soul family is more than possessive relationships. My life is not just to serve for one person. I wish you all to dream much more. I wish to express my love freely without any limits. I wish to experience no attachments what may drag you down… I am not perfect but we all wish to be… in this age of craziness.

There are times when we open our soul so wide for understanding — and we meet different people. We talk to racist queer people and become more racist and queer. We talk to straight hippies and we become more like free spirit and straight. We are so fluid and so desperately we wish to live and accept everyone to show them kindness, to learn from their kindness. We are afraid to melt with those whose nature is about violence. We need compassion but we do not want to point hatred on you. We wish to aim the hatred right on social institutions of oppression of any kind. We dream of loving world. We wish to support kind hearts in this resistance against corrupted societies of governments and corporations! We wish to re-treat for longer time on the planet where there is no need to fight anymore, we wish to return to Buddhahood. We wish to return into that blissful state of mind where we have no identities anymore. We know that direct way and we wish to return. We need a place for awakening, a safe base for re-treat and time. When we are down we work on lower levels and planes of existence but we wish to return there to that worlds where Buddhas live. Once more. Tired of existence. Broken so many times, thank you for your lessons dear life. We go on.

Blessings from Lotus Temple.

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