Interpretation of the situation in the world with the eyes of Schwule Yogi



Let me speak from my heart and be open about the things. We’ve reached the point where any social conditioning became too heavy burden to keep it with us further. Expectations from those who are near and obligations what turned to be so heavy, I leave Berlin and that field of energies what are so overwhelming… Achjooo. How one may promise eternal Love or something like this? Probably, from the distance (: But I have my own way, as it was said once – all what does not kill us, makes us stronger. I wish to sleep on the floor again, I wish to be free from any Babylon’s structures. It is possible, yes. Here, in this land of Europa – governments are not totalitarian as well as not so caring about our freedoms. As it starts in Kindergarten and in school, that heavy amounts of brainwashing what they put on us just to prepare new generations to join that armies of corporate slaves. How funny and stupid it is – governments take away our food and living spaces, then they sell them back! Mechanism of control what works as good as watches, how one may suggest or choose some other road through the trees in the wood when we all were taught to accept the system school-job-cemetery since our birth? What a shame for humanity…
Dear Soul! Please, run away from the system. Escape… Be stronger than me! You may achieve much more as you live your own life not for that ones who proclaim themselves to be authorities. You are free. Leave behind your family and attachments, go alone or try to meet on your ways that real allies and supporters who may see the world with your perception for a moment, at least. Learn the life, experiment and enjoy. Keep your own Precepts, abandon your own Precepts, take mine. Please, do not eat dead flesh, especially that what comes from corporate slaughters. Be kind to others, try to not cross their borders with harmful words, thoughts and actions. Try not to hurt. Stay closer to Mother Nature, stay away from big cities when is possible. That big cities may just digest you, your highest dreams and passions, damage your perception. Please, try to stay away from big cities or do not stay there for longer time. Be sure that you will not lose yourself while being there. Person should be strong enough to be sure that holds control above the obstacles and influences from around. Be strong enough if you need to take a seat, one of that around the table where dead flesh is served. Master meditates on the market place, they say.
There should be places in the world where you are welcomed and loved. Charge yourself there. Find your own inspiration and do not be afraid to project your attachments there. Experiment (; This book I write while exploring Shamanic ways and realms, not so free still I am. If would ever be, it may be another story, new Sutras from me. No jokes, writing from my heart and speaking out my perception. I was about to become Heroine Buddha one day, but now I am back to you and I have something to tell you. Schwule Yogi is back here to teach you Dharma Ov Nothing, guys. Guys and girls and enbies…

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