Infinity and Zero coordinates


Religions? Old names, old paths. There are Buddha, Jesus and others who we may learn from, but they are probably far away. Here in NOW — we are new Deities and we write new history from the present. I am Lotus. Buddhism is a set of different concepts, different schools and teachings — I am not limited with someone’s doctrines, I feel my spirituality from my heart and I welcome others to live Spirituality from their hearts. Heroine Buddha is dead in another dimension, where they committed suicide with Dragon. Here Lotus remains to live, learn and teach. But the only true teaching awakes the minds, returns them to their own nature, their worlds, their training precepts. True Master never needs the army of followers, true Master knows no hierarchy. Awakened ones deal with other Souls in their dimensions, leaving behind Ego. Master is just a word. Master is no-one. Master may be perceived as servant or leader, but follows world’s callings.
Pure Soul has no form. No identity. No name. I am Lotus. My way is Lotus, but I wish to bring you back to your own hearts and Destinies. Tired of material world, we all wish to rest with minimal negative influences to other Souls. We wish to bring Light. Do not look for logic in our writings, practices are flexible and lessons are unique for each situation. We meet other Souls to bring them healing and wisdom, we do love Life. I do love you. All is good.
So, I arrived back to that place, from where so many roads of my life begin. Time does not exist as they teach us to perceive it, in altered states of mind I do perceive how roads start from here, they have their own calendars, rules and journeys… Any system is real for Quantum Mind. We pick up the rules and walk our paths, then we return back here… Why here? From here all the roads start, as well as this place somehow became the center of our Multiverses. Nothing is constant in the world of impermanent phenomena, dark forces of Demiurg (in one version of perceived “reality”) create obstacles on my ways, try to hold me from visiting of certain places, meeting of certain people. They bring new questions and troubles everyday. What’s next? Lost somewhere in time, between countries and beautiful Souls, it is hard to choose where to go. Sometimes I have had nothing, sometimes situation makes me to wait so long time until some turns will be taken on the desk of the worlds on all of their levels… what’s next? Nobody knows. Even my beloved ones. They have hard choices every day as well, they solve their own puzzles — they should deal with dark forces of Demiurg as well. How to make a decision? Who should decide? How long it is needed to wait? I do not know. I try to take it all as challenge, as warrior’s path teaches us. Different countries, places, addresses, ways of communication — I repeat attempt to settle somewhere again and again, but we may notice that all fails…
Maybe it’s Life itself or my Destiny, something what ruins any combined puzzles once more? For what? To teach me, to let me travel as I wanted to travel more and more…
I feel that longing to be free and Life somehow makes me so, brings me to new places, some of them are of such unique atmosphere… as that refugee camp… But what’s next? It feels like time to make important decision is near…

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