Deliberative Revelation Through The Swamps


Yes, I love You, but we can’t be together,
You and I have too different views on things.
Life in Sansara is too short not to try to break free.
Have seen and learned a lot, I simply can not indulge in pleasures and worldly affairs, can not forget about the first Sound of the Universe, a tattoo on my wrist.
Because I have embarked on the Path of Liberation from suffering — disease, aging, death and birth.
This is more important to me than worldly relationships.
After all, I am on the path of reducing of suffering, and I want my Buddha-friends to go with me.
I see people crippling themselves with the flesh of dead animals, boiled food, swallowing pills.
They spit bile at me and beat each other, but continue to believe in Western medicine and devour the flesh.

I do not need such a world, we are too far away from each other, because I have been walking along the Only Path of Deliverance for a long time.
Friends, come to me — I can teach you the Dhamma of the Void, the Dhamma of Nothing.

I keep on going, reaching new facets of understanding and purification.
I am a Lotus and I can only bloom in a suitable environment, even if it is a swamp, but where else can I look for lost souls?

I can not live next to the flesh-eaters who have forgotten all the Gods. I can’t with those who worship quack doctors instead of self-healing…

Come to me, friends — I will show you how to heal all diseases.

I am a Lotus, but I only blossom next to those who believe in me, at least a little…

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