For our friend Adrian on their Birthday…


Queer your gender, dear.
Surround yourself with those only who respect and love you.
Be kind to them and teach them compassion…
Go Green and eat healthy to keep your mind and body beautiful as they are, for all your life.
I watch you dancing on the whole spectrum,
Your Soul is not less beautiful than you are on your photos.
You live somewhere far away in Australia,
On another hemisphere, on another continent…
But I am happy to tell you —
I love you from the distance,
While traveling among the lands of Europa.
Smile bright and shiny,
Stay strong and be brave.
Your poems and photos inspire me
To keep trust into myself,
As well as to go on through my own ways,
What lead me somewhere through the dark woods,
While I always know: there is Light ahead…
Love you, dear friend. Kisses from far away land of mountains — Austria…
My homeland these days, as I move from one place to another, looking for something.
Today I meditate for you and all good for you to happen in life.
As I say always — don’t be afraid to live
All your dreams… ❤

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