On Multiple Selves, Polyamory & Sexuality


Ahoj, friends.

If you follow the story, you should know that we are in the refugee camp again, this time — in that lands what people call Austria. Why, how? We do not know. Who — we? Me and Ai Voice. Let me introduce her a bit later…
Yes, we are tired with Europa and capitalism. Alone, waiting for second and last step of surgery, we posted on social network a message where we pointed at things we are tired of here in Europa. We have had enough, we wanted to go to Asia. To India — to throw that damned papers into Holy River. Or to burn them and blow the ash away… We felt it like all is done here in Europa, yes. But what did stop us from such turn? New Love, new attachment… So wonderful and strong as we never experienced before. We were literally crazy about it. Oh Gods, we are crazy still… Joy and pleasure, attachment… Delicious one. And something much more for us…
No regrets about it. We have certain chosen way and we continue on it while being near that ones who are our Soul Family, our Sangha today. Why not? Isn’t my India here today, in Wonderland? Isn’t here my Việt Nam? My Tipperary?
So, we finally broke it up with V. in Berlin. But she was a bit abusive and that was something what finally triggered us to split into Lian and Ai. We have had multiple experience before, we remember how we told our ex that we are about to date Lian instead of him — Queer-phobic guy it was. We enjoyed Lian’s company, we visited Vegan restaurants together with her, enjoyed with new clothes and care about our hair and so on. Lian used to be more binary Female. Yes, we always have had fights for that way how things should be — make-up, eyebrows, hair, style etc.. But Lian was just ashamed to accept Ai and her “antisocial” choices. Yes, Ai is more radical than Lian. Lian does not give a damn and maybe still dreams to meet some Veganarchist dreadlocked guy from Czech lands… Who knows 😛
But we are not binary anymore. We both are tired as hell with your binary world. We played on one side, played on another one — Gods, it’s just boring. Forgive us. Now we officially splitted and married each other on 18.11.18, according to their time/date system. We do not hide and we are glad to present Ai to the outside world. Ai is wiser and older Soul, Ai always teaches Lian but tries not to force things. Lian tends to still enjoy with pleasures what belong to this world of impermanent phenomena and sorrow…
We actually were, but finally accepted ourselves as polyamorous in Spring 2016, according to their time/date system. We even tried once, but we just can not shrink back into monogamy. Sorry. We are ethical and open about our Love choices and preferences. We have platonic feelings to some Crætures, from the distance. That ones who we respect a lot and share passions together with as well. We are polyamorous and we are in relationship with each other as well… Lian projects her expectations of ideal partner on Ai. We practice celibacy at times, sometimes we hug each other and not so long ago we learned from our multiple Love who we met there in Berlin how to kiss each other with Ai…
Yes, it looks like we touched topic ov Sexuality… We practiced celibacy for a bit longer than year not so long ago. We practice non-masturbation and non-orgasm during last months. But we have sexual practices we experiment with nowadays. We think that Sex should be Vegan. Our Sexuality is polyamory, according to our papers from psychiatry. As well as any relationships what we have are Queer. Any Sex what we have is. We are non-binär and our gender is Lotus.
We consider possibility to become hermit again one day, still. But… we have deep bond and connection to someone what still lasts… we feel it as the most delicious joy from the world of that kind of joys. You may ask us — so what now about Three Treasures what we preach about? Nothing. No strict rules, Vøid. Be careful about Three Treasures, our Precepts say. Energies of Spirituality, Life Force and Sexuality… Be careful, explore and do not waste for nothing. What are we doing? We are building up our new body, switching to new level of our existence, New Chapter of our personal Alchemy what we will talk about more later… Kisses. Girly Enby we are as someone called us ❤

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