Ritual Flow!

2 years ago from Liquidarian experiment Ritual Flow was born! Trance jaw harp session together with open-source programmed LXR drum machine switch you to another level of perception from where Shamanic realities are being created! Lian Wu, NonBinary traveler, musician, writer and shamaness invites you to that hidden places of multiverses! Follow your heart and answer to Divine calling. My Ritual…

Liquidarian Way

Blessings to you, dear friends… I’m through liquidarian re-treat now, so let me talk from personal experience to show you the way. Take care!

Welcome to my Channel!

Heya hello dear friends (: Re-uploading accidentally deleted welcoming video from my Channel. Walking that my 33 kilometers by foot once more while on liquids, talking about body and mind purification here… ❤


  Society digested my friends, my old friends. Everyone, everyone around — they are dead, half-dead inside. They lost their dreams. In a moment when a person loses person’s dreams — it’s the end. It’s the end of their life as nothing is ahead of them. They bury themselves — to live this life of…