Lotus Temple


Lotus Temple was created for Souls who develop themselves into the direction of becoming living Buddhas on this planet. With ascetic practices, spiritual development and empowering of our physical bodies we raise the levels of our consciousness to the Infinity. We see the world around, where Souls are trapped deeply into consumerism and attachments to things what are not permanent, we see sickness, aging, death and birth — but we accept the Truth that human is something to overcome, not to be a slave of.

Animal instincts in us what are low, they lead to all kinds of miseries. We see that civilization makes a lot of people to be trapped into impermanent joys, what later turn themselves into the suffering. While following the callings from our hearts, we find the ways to overcome weakness and things what lead us to weakness.

Lotus Temple is a place for free-thinkers with open minds. At the same time, we choose the doctrines and teachings what form a core of our believes, what we consider as leading to our dreams of Spirits what overcome the matter, as well as we welcome practices of empowering of our bodies, what are in Union with the laws of Nature. We accept the most natural and simple ways of self-development as they are the most effective in training of the willpower — here we mean Spiritual Power. As we understand that reality is a product of our believes, we keep our hearts and minds strong, as well as we understand that the way to victory is avoiding of war — no, we are not looking for one. The heart of our practices is something what is above human, something what we can find in any spiritual teachings — so we do not judge any traditions as well as we are able to find in them the highest ideal — what is the same in the end for all.

We welcome any explorers of different paths, as well as we set for ourselves some guiding rules, what can be found in different traditions as instruments of overcoming that human in us what we need to overcome on the way to purity of our energy bodies and minds, what leads us to achievement of that hidden supernatural powers what are described in ancient (eternal) scriptures. These precepts are:

  1. Ahimsa — we avoid hurting of any living forms as much as it is possible. We eat nothing but vegan food, we keep Ahimsa in mind with each action. We are careful with our speech and thoughts towards others and ourselves, we avoid consumerism and remember that there was nothing what was not given to us, so we can not claim anything as our own. We speak the only Truth — when it does not lead to suffering of others).
  2. Nature — we consider Raw Foodism as powerful practice what nourishes our bodies and minds. We welcome different kinds of Raw Foodism, but we remember that the highest form is Fruitarianism with respect to seeds. We live simple ascetic lives, avoiding civilization as much as possible, we are ecologists, freegans etc. — in different environments we live in balance with Nature.
  3. Three Treasures — we carry our life force, divine energy and sexual energy (Qi, Shen and Jing) as Three Treasures, we explore Tao and other ways not to waste them, such as martial arts, spiritual and psychick practices)
  4. Void — we remember, that in the end all dharmas and phenomena are empty, we should not be attached to the Precepts, but they lead us to the end of all existence in the world of impermanent phenomena, what is known as Satori.