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Lian Wu (巫蓮 — Wu Lian, born July 10, 1990) is pilgrim, writer, musician, spiritual explorer and freedom activist. Founder of Lotus Temple — her dream-project based on Yogic Precepts what she carefully selected to use and propagate after years of learning, discovering and comparing of different spiritual doctrines. Nowadays Lian continues to fight with life’s obstacles to bring her dream to humanity. As was mentioned above, she explored different traditions and ways for years, since she was ten years old — and in this part of her life she reveals the secrets from elder scriptures to those who are truly interested into.

Background information

Name: Lian Wu
Born: July 10, 1990
Current base town: Königsberg
Genres: ritual music, experimental, ambient, apocalyptic, atmospheric, dark ambient, darkfolk, drone, electronic, field recordings, improvisation, industrial, noise, poetry, propaganda, shamanic, spiritual, journeys and pilgrimages…
Occupation(s): spiritual teacher, pilgrim, musician, visual artist, writer, freedom activist
Instruments: jaw harp, laptop, smartphone, stone flute, effect units, field recordings, singing bowl, ritual instruments, analogue synthesizers, drum machines
Labels: Lotus Temple, Moon Sounds Of Tao, First Earth Records, Petroglyph Music, Fag Ash Records, Completely Gone Recordings, Drug Arts, LATOfragile
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc.

Childhood and early life (1990 — 2010)
Lian was born in family where she did not have understanding and support from parents, so she has had nothing to lose in that atmosphere, what turned her attention towards inner spiritual life, books and music. When Wu was 10, she discovered the world of northern paganism and sacred runes, what was her first spiritual escape from unfriendly world around. Later impressions, that were Slavic paganism, new age teachings as Castaneda’s books etc., Zen Buddhism (what was practiced by her father), several esoteric traditions she was not really deep into and shamanic ways. Together with these things Wu explored radical left- and right- wing doctrines, from which anarchist schools still remain her passions. Lian discovered for herself Alexander Shulgin’s books what were dedicated to spiritual using of psychoactive substances, what she started to experiment with. Wu did not understand corrupted systems of modern education what makes her to leave mathematical class in lyceum and change her place of studies to cooking school in her hometown, Königsberg (nowadays Kaliningrad, Russian Federation). In the end of her studies Wu uses collected from jobs (she works since 15 years old) money to leave parents’ house and start her own life as they invested in her life almost nothing. She tries life in bigger city in Russia, Saint Petersburg — where she worked in cold Russian winter spreading prostitutes’ services’ advertisements just to pay rent and buy some food for existence, while she continued her exploration of music genres and spiritual teachings. Deeply inspired with Henry Thoreau’s “Walden, or Life in the Woods”, she becomes vegetarian.

Exile in Czech lands (2011 — 2015)
Wu started her gender transition from male to female and it complicates her life even more as she lives in Russia, where LGBT-people are still “traditionally” not welcomed. With help of vegan spiritual practitioner from Czechia she emigrates to Prague and later lives in different places of country, applies for Azyl and gets refugee status. Lian tried out life in refugee camps, economic school and work at factory, warehouse and even vegan restaurant (just for one day). Together with her partner Wu experiments with psychoactive substances and shamanic herbs, after their breakup she lives alone until that moment when experimental underground musician from Austria invites her to live together, try relationship and explore Western esoteric tradition…

Exploring the world (2016 — nowadays)
Lian escapes to the mountains where she lives in practicing group, commune and family. She started to create art together with new soulmates, but conflicts bring chaos into the situation. Wu tries life on her own, moves to Germany to one kind person who supported her, together they travel to Amsterdam… First labels, her own label Moon Sounds Of Tao — in the end all was destroyed in early Spring 2017, when Lian burns her documents and moves in pilgrimage to the South. In Ljubljana she stays one night in the monastery where Jesus and angels on the wall move a bit as in psychedelic trip, but without any substances taken. Near Croatian border police forces take her to refugee camp, where she decided to cut off her hair as sign of breakup and celibacy. They moved Wu to Prague by plane where she was homeless for some time and later she returns back to Austria. After 44 days of her raw food re-treat next breakup follows on, Lian was forced to move to Prague where she was homeless and met another homeless people. She tries to get a job, but after two weeks her psychic state became unstable and she perceives more visions during the day, at the same time catastrophical financial situation makes her to move into mental hospital to live, have vegan food without gluten and try to save some money for rent…

In the end of 2017, after deep inner crisis and experienced difficulties in continuing on her own way in European Union, Wu decides to return to her hometown Königsberg in Russia. She has some plans and intentions as well as she does not know what to expect from future. We are all — creators of our own destinies…

Art in Lian’s life
Art is propaganda tool of believes and it is one of its main purposes. Wu believes in positive changes what can bring to us Spiritual Anarchy and practicing of Breatharian Shamanism. Lian plays Vietnamese jaw harp, singing bowl and other ritual instruments, she uses laptop and smartphone in her creative process. As visual artist, Wu takes and edits photos together with experimenting with different drawing techniques. Lian records artistic and propaganda videos and writes articles and books.

Spiritual believes
Lotus Temple, Precepts: Ahimsa, Nature, Three Treasures and Void. Breatharianism as step on the way of changes within all humanity on the planet — in society, politics and culture, on all levels of existence.

Visions of the Future
Spiritual Anarchy in EU, Breatharian Bodhisattvas rise up to save all folks of the planet from the depths of ignorance…