☯︎ Shamanic Help


Hello, dear friends and allies.

Here in Lotus Temple we offer you a guidance from Shamaness, so if you are looking for answers, feel free to contact me…

Sacred Ceremony

Unique ceremony will be organised according to your needs and questions. In re-treats I stay alone and use: Lotus meditation, fasting, ritual music instruments, mantras’ chanting, sacred herbs, runes…

Shamanic Help

Guidance for you — tell me about your troubles and get advice how to get out of that situation you are into… I offer truly open-minded understanding without any judgement, I support you in that bad.

Fasting Advice

How to enter water or dry fasting? How to quit it right?
What about that Liquidarian journeys — are they safe?
What is that Pranic or Breatharian life people are talking about?
Do special herbs help?

Plant-Based Holistic Healing

How to change your health for better with right choice of your food intake? I offer my knowledge what comes from years of practicing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic, Raw Food…

Queer Way — Help, Love Advice…

So you are Queer somehow? Lucky one, you just met Shamaness from your tribe! Your identity and expressions are sacred, let us talk about it… Gender transition? You are in the right place though… (:

You are welcome to contact Temple with…

E-maillian |@| lotustemple.live (without | symbols)

Blessings from Wu Lian & Lotus Temple!

I have no medical diploma, take any advice for your own risk. There is no absolute Truth in this world, we all experiment with matter and spirit…