Wu Lian (巫蓮)


Lotus Temple was founded by Wu Lian (巫蓮).

We are here to help Souls what are looking for peace of mind, wisdom and deliberation.

Let all beings live in Peace, Love and Harmony.

From town to town, from heart to heart all over the Europe I traveled, but nothing was that I’ve found for me. Everything, everyone around looks empty, my pure love is spreading out to nowhere, it’s for you, all of you. I feel silence, I love moon. So much, so schizophrenic…

When people ask me what all my music is really about, genre and things… the short answer is: it’s my Ritual Flow.

Good Morning, Buddhas! My name is Wu Lian (蓮) — at least for today, I guess. But, to be completely honest with you, I have no name. Well, to be a bit more accurate, as long as I call myself I, we or somehow like this — so, when I use any personal pronouns, probably it is fair to say that I have name or names, as it is just comfortable (what is a question) here (or there), in the society of human beings (?) to use the names to call each other — in a case if you still prefer to live in this society, what is probably not the best idea at all, but… who knows.

Yes, different names I have had, there were different names what people gave to me as well, probably I will mention some of them here later, but it is not important at all, believe me. We, Souls, are Divine — as well as we are living Gods and Buddhas here with unlimited powers — yes, truly — we have inside all the powers what have Jesus, Odin, Shiva, Amaterasu, Quetzalcoatl all together, and even more and more. Our powers and abilities are limited with our imagination only, as well as with our being here itself (as if we decided to come here and pick up certain instruments of perception, we somehow pay for this pleasure or torture) and with existence of other living beings (as they are also Buddhas and when we act in this world or another, on different levels of perception — we somehow limit each other with our own visions, prejudices and levels of developed perception). Anyway, we should remember that we are all equal — as every Soul is Infinity, even while being in hellish realms and having not so bright and colorful perceptions or/and karmas — we still keep inside all the qualities of the Gods, as we just are, we truly are. Yes, respect of all around is really important — be careful, it is good advice for you.

Oh, these words and letters — all were said already, millions of millions of times were and will be repeated, in all languages, in different worlds and times. These words and sentences have no price as at the same time they have no price at all — probably, it is just my way to pay back something to this world for my living here, to leave these writings and notes to someone who is hungry for something to read. So, it is my rent payment for using of this physical body and the resources of this planet — as well as it is a way of self-discovering… but wait, what is it, this strange thing what I call “self”? Does it really exist? Different philosophies and teachings give us so different answers, different opinions about the nature of such thing as “self”. As for me, I say — self does not exist at all (we observe it when we separate our identity into the different parts, which she is constructed of), at the same time “self” is the whole Universe of its existence, the Infinity itself, just limited to our own perception.

Wu Lian (巫蓮) is experimental psychedelic artist, enby noise shamaness, pilgrim and writer. It’s all about atmospheric, đàn môi, ethnic, experimental, field recordings, industrial, jaw harp, noise, psychedelic, ritual, shamanic, transgender, tribal…

Wu Lian explores and supports:

— Buddhist, Heathen, Jain, Shiva, Taoist, alchemical and shamanic ways and practices — as well as discovers and experiments with different other forms of spiritual traditions
— vegan, raw food, fruitarian, liquidarian, breatharian diets & lifestyles
— ecology activism, freeganism, green spiritual anarchism
— free and open software: Ardour, Linux, Ubuntu and so on…
— transgender spiritual paths of different cultures, enby identities and different forms of their expression